How to Get Free Fire Coins

How To Get Free Fire Coins

Free Fire is a MOBA game that offers rewards, diamonds, and coins for its users. Coin is an in-game currency that players can earn by winning games or making purchases with real money. These coins can be used for buying assets, weapons, and unlocking characters. In this article, we will explore the methods through which players can earn coins in this game. 

Earn Coins in Free Fire

These are some helpful points to earn you plenty of coins in the game. 

Win Games to Earn Coins

Play more & more games to claim victories. If you stand tall and survive till the end in an epic Royale battle, then you will be rewarded with plenty of coins. You should play rank games to earn plenty of in-game Royale coins. 

Complete Missions

In the Free Fire Advance Server, there are plenty of weekly & monthly missions. Some daily missions are also there in this MOBA game. You can earn plenty of coins in the game by completing daily, weekly, or monthly missions. 

Level Up Your Account

An account with a lower level will give fewer coins on victory compared to an account with a higher level. Hence, you should aim to level up your account to increase coin-making chances. 


The Booyah app is also a potential source for earning free fire coins. You can earn thousands of coins in every game you play with the help of Booyah. 

2X Gold Card

In Free Fire, there is a gold card that gives players an edge over others. This gold car can increase your coin earnings by 2X. It is a potential source to make a lot of coins in the game. 

Lucky Royale Spin

There is a spin wheel in this Royale MOBA game. You can spin this royale spin wheel to win plenty of coins if you are lucky enough. 

Premium Purchase

In addition to all the above methods, you can also go for a paid purchase. There is an asset store in this Free Fire Advance Server. In this asset store, you can link your payment account and pay here to buy coins. There are different coin collections for different amounts of real money. Moreover, some special coin packages are also released by the game developers to give users discounts. 

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