Top 5 Guns in Free Fire

Top 5 Guns In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire Advance Server is the most advanced game when it comes to weapon arsenal. There are thousands of MOBA games but the weapon armory of this game is matchless. Its weapon arsenal is decorated with dozens of powerful guns, rifles, and weapons. This wide range of weapon armory with engaging gameplay makes Free Fire a complete game. There are dozens of guns & weapons in this game. But here we gonna discuss the top 5 best guns in Free Fire. 

Best Guns in Garena Free Fire

Let's start enlisting the top 5 guns in the game starting from the best one. 


It's a longtail assault rifle with a long shooting range. This is specially designed for snipping lovers who love to target foes from a far distance. A shooting range of 76 and damage of 71 make it an ideal option for any snipper. The magazine size of 15 is mediocre but quick reload time can compensate for it. It gives a quick shootout session with a healthy fire rate of 41 and a max accuracy of 77. 


AWM is the best and most versatile snipping rifle in Garena Free Fire. It comes with 90+ accuracy & 90+ damage. This damage can be increased to 150 which means hardly 2 or 3 shots are required to gun down an opponent. This an ideal gun for snipping and long-range shooting with high versatility and stability. But you should use it in combination with MP40 to make it a perfect combo. 


MP40 is one of the versatile guns in MOBA games. It comes with versatility that can equally suit both pro & noob. Its fire rate of 83 & 48 HP damage gives you complete shooting joy. Moreover, a magazine with 20 sizes gives you extended shooting sessions without frequent reloads. 


This is the only shotgun to make to this list of top 5 weapons. This is an ideal gun when you are in the small circle of battle zone. The high shooting rate and quick reloads make it the perfect option for close encounters. Its penetration range of 28 can take on enemies equipped with armor. 


AK47 is the most famous gun in all the MOBA games. It comes with a healthy accuracy of 41 and damage of 71. Its shooting range of 72, and 30 magazine size with high stability make it ideal for snipping and close encounters. A fire rate of 56 and quick reload give a quick and reliable shooting experience. 

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